zachary richard hill

Brand and Digital Strategist for the Modern Business.


Creative Facilitation for Brands, Products, and the Businesses behind them.


Hello, I currently work as a design & strategy director for Toi, a full service digital agency that specializes in UX/UI and Branding in the digital world. I specialize in discovering and facilitating solutions to the pain points and problems that inhibit the growth or stability of a brand, business, or digital product. I am available for select projects that feature the right set of goals and expectations. 



  • Brand Strategy

  • UX Strategy

  • Visual Identity Design

  • User Interface Design

  • Creative & Art Direction

  • Design & Product Management

Creativity by Design & Process

My work process is collaborative, inclusive, transparent, and structured. It is based on a foundation of discovery, facilitation, and strategy that then leads to the execution and tactics of tangible design results. 



Every professional engagement and project begins with a series of strategy sessions that lead to the discovery of pain points and obstacles that are presenting themselves within the project. Clarity and alignment are established in this phase of the engagement as well as a list of potential solutions, tactics, and plans of action. 



Through strategy and discovery, the proper diagnosis is put into place and the tactics and list of deliverables are established.



Once the strategy and planning has been established. The list of deliverables and tactics can then be created and executed.



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When I am not working on agency projects, I spend time on various conceptual projects to continue to stay sharp and improve as a visual designer. You can see these projects on my various social media channels and online portfolio sites.