Brand Strategy & Design




Capabilties :

Brand Strategy
UX Strategy
Content Strategy
Logo Design
Visual Identity Design
UI Design

Lectures :

Cal State Los Angeles
University of Loyola Marymount
University of Oklahoma

Press :

Voyage LA
Drip for Drip
Design Ideas

Zachary Richard Hill is a passionate design centered brand strategist that combines an obsession for strategy, branding, and process with a foundation in visual communication.  He holds a BA in studio art with an emphasis in graphic design. Zachary uses the experience from the the variety of creative disciplines he has been involved in to inform his decisions as a consultant and strategist and inspire his visual solutions as a design communicator.

Zachary is currently a brand strategist and creative director at Toi, a digital creative agency that specializes in user experience and branding in the digital environment. Zachary is also available for select freelance engagements. He has had the opportunity to work with several businesses and brands that include the University of Chicago Medical Center, Verizon, Waste Management, F45, and Clifton's LA.

Zachary lives and works in Los Angeles California. He enjoys spending time with his wife, geeking out on design books and hiding his secret obsession with video game culture.


CV and additional work samples available upon request.