Ideas First, Vehicles Second

I was watching a Gary Vaynerchuk video the other day. I am sure most of you have absorbed a piece of his content in one form or another. This video centered around someone asking him why he hasn’t steered his media company towards producing apps. 

His response was basically why should he focus on the technology instead of the content? 

What that meant to me was why focus on the vehicle instead of the ideas? 

When the internet was just in it’s infancy I think it was okay to focus on making websites or writing copy for websites, or making logos that would go on websites. All of these things are still important and these things still need to be made, in fact I am one of those guys that works for a great company that is good at making all three of these things. But now as we really get deep into the information and social media age it’s more important to create and express an idea.

Great ideas have always been important, but in the past they were compartmentalized and owned by a small number of people. Now we can all create and publish our own ideas. 

Let’s stick with the car analogy when talking about how this affects branding. Tesla literally makes vehicles but their commitment to innovation and ideation is the result of their brand. 

On that note I was listening to a podcast where Emily Olberman of Pentragram spoke about the brand identity for “The Wing”. She emphasized that the success of the women’s club was due in part to the business owners building the brand first. Most of their loyal supporters didn’t even know what The Wing was until months after the brand was launched. 

I personally enjoy building identity systems and I enjoy working on UX projects. But I LOVE coming up with the ideas that will fill both of those vehicles. 

So if you love making logos keep doing that or websites, or films, or great art in general. 

But don’t forget to tell a story or share an idea.