Don't Hate, Participate

One of my side passions has always been to write. For one inauthentic reason or another I have put off writing on a regular basis and this blog is an attempt to quell that inauthenticity and just write. I want to start creating more time to write longer posts that will live on my medium page and Creative Honey, but I figured that this blog would be perfect to record general observations and thoughts about the creative industry as I'm experiencing them at work, out in the world, or in social media.

On that note, let's move to the today's topic of critiquing creative work or as I like to call it "Don't Hate, Participate"! Over the course of some time now, I have filtered and curated my social media feeds to largely revolve around design and creative communities and content. I don't regret this decision as I enjoy getting consistent inspiration and knowledge through articles and work from other creatives. What has been bothering me though, that for the most part, my feeds are now basically creatives just hating or criticizing other people's work without a thought or reason behind it. Or worse yet, I am seeing way too many creatives play the role of the creative snob using as much jargon and unoriginal thought as possible to critique someone's work. 

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Now I am not against critiquing work online or otherwise, it's part of the creative process, and a good creative needs to have a thick skin, and I have to applaud the fact that most of the creatives that experience these critiques have taken negative comments in stride or ignored them all together. All I am asking is that if you see something you think is bad creative work, be constructive and try to have a real conversation with the person who did the work. Ask them questions to understand why they made the decisions they made. Usually, critics are judging work without context and without the thought process in the end result. Now sometimes work is just not that good and it's okay to point that out, but also try to suggest ways for that creative who did the work to improve that work or do better work next time. 

That's why I say don't hate, participate. Participate in a discussion, sure it will help the person you are critiquing but having an authentic conversation will actually improve your eye, decision making, and overall creative process, both the critiqued and the critic will learn a little something if a real conversation takes place.

Of course, these are just thoughts to keep in mind next time you are looking to rip into someone's work on social media without some thought of your own as to why you are doing so.